PT Toyota Astra Motor (TAM) face the 2016 with several new models ready to be launched. As often discussed, at the end of this week, TAM will release the latest generation of Toyota Fortuner. In addition to the model SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle), the company of automotive origin Country of cherry blossoms is also preparing […]

Design And Dimensions Toyota Sienta will compete against the Honda Freed which first present in Indonesia. In terms of the equality body does look with Honda Free, where both are equally offers Sliding Doors for easy access exit sign in passenger cars. Interestingly Toyota puts a Slinding Doors equipped Dual Power, thus easing the wearer […]

Car presence multipurpose vehicle (MPV) the latest from Toyota, Toyota Sienta stayed waiting for a matter of months only. This car certainly will be marketed in Indonesia to compete against the Honda Freed which until now there hasn’t been an opponent that compensate. The newer the car, giving the wind immediately for the automotive industry, […]

Talk about a sports car or even a Supercar, it could not name of the Lamborghini. The Italy business has already become a world sports car icon. Large-capacity machines and equipped the latest technology into a variety of excess cars Lamborghini. Another advantage is the Lamborghini owned has a sporty design and a special aura […]